Make sure your house stays as cool as you are this summer with these awesome home maintenance tips!

  • Trim your trees:

    Your landscape elements such as trees and bushes will go through quite the growth spurt in the spring into the early summer. Clip back any long branches that are coming in contact with your home to avoid damage or critters who may want to find their way inside.

  • Inspect your foundation:

    After heavy rainfall, it’s not uncommon for the gravel and dirt near your house to wash away. Check all around your foundation for low spots, remove the topsoil and fill the low spot with compacted clay, ensuring it slopes away from your foundation. Once filled with clay, topsoil can be added again. Avoid simply filling a low spot with topsoil, as it will quickly settle again. Learn more about surface water here!

  • Water your lawn when it’s cool:

    During the midday heat, up to 30% of the water for your lawn evapourates from the sun. To reduce water loss and help keep your lawn healthy, it’s recommended you water your lawn in the early morning or late afternoon.

  • Monthly duties:

    Remember to do these every month:

    • Check the batteries in your smoke and CO2 Detectors
    • Replace or clean your furnace air filter
    • Clean your hood range filter

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