Support when you need it most

The best way to ensure you end up with the home you purchased is to maintain open, collaborative communication with your builder and work through any issues or concerns as they arise. Sometimes this dialogue becomes difficult — especially where matters arise on which you and your builder do not agree. If you’re unable to work through these differences, we offer in-house services* to support you when you need it most.

* These services apply to homes under warranty whose building permit was applied for on or after February 1, 2014. If your building permit was applied for before February 1, 2014, contact us to learn more about our pre-mandatory warranty services available.

How to file a claim

  • Step 1: Log in to the Homeowner Portal and select File a Claim option; or in writing to our insurer, The New Home Warranty Insurance (Canada) Corporation (NHWICC), either electronically or by mail.

    Note: Before you file a claim, be sure to check your warranty insurance expiry date(s). If you have any questions, contact usTo log into the Homeowner Portal the first time, use your personal invitation code.

    Be sure to also check out our frequently asked questions, where we address common coverage and claims inquiries from homeowners.

  • Step 2: The claim and issues are reviewed to determine if they’re warrantable under Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act. Additional information may be requested at this time, including photos or additional documents to support your claim.

  • Step 3: An assessment or inspection will then be scheduled with the homeowner. The builder may also be in attendance.

  • Step 4: Our claims team will assess your claim and will then send a report with a decision to both the homeowner and the builder.

  • Step 5: If the report finds warrantable defects, we’ll work with the homeowner and an accredited representative (usually your builder) to fix and resolve the issues.

  • Step 6: If a homeowner disagrees with a decision and wishes to contest it, there are other claims resolution options available, including section 519 of the Insurance Act.

Note: While the New Home Buyer Protection Act does not prescribe a claims handling process to be followed by all warranty providers, the Government of Alberta’s Construction Performance Guide for New Home Warranty Insurance in Alberta outline some general standards of service homeowners can expect from their warranty provider, as well as minimum performance expectations for new homes in Alberta.

Additional resolution options