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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-12-02T13:10:40-07:00

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How do I manage water on my property?2020-09-22T11:47:06-06:00

Managing surface water (rainfall, snowmelt) is an important part of home maintenance. Improper management can affect your foundation, and compromise your warranty coverage. We have assembled a guide to help keep your home safe:

Surface water management tips

A third-party approached me, offering to assist with my claim. What should I do?2020-12-02T16:34:29-07:00

Third-party new home warranty interference for both single-family and multi-family homebuilders and homeowners in Alberta is a growing – and concerning – trend. Various parties throughout the province are ineffectively inserting themselves in the warranty process in the name of customer advocacy, but the reality is that their purported services provide little value-add to home warranty policyholders, and worse, can complicate and interfere with the claims process in general.

What can you do about it?

  • If you’re approached by a third-party claiming to offer new home warranty inspection or review expertise, immediately contact us at 1.800.352.8240 (Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm MT) or by email at contactcentre@anhwp.com
  • If you’re concerned about a third-party’s services or approach, we would encourage you to consider filing a consumer complaint.
  • Document and save communications related to interactions with third-party warranty interference.
  • Do not hesitate to initiate a claim with us as your new home warranty provider, who will work with you to provide understanding around what is and isn’t warrantable, and why.

I’m interested in becoming a Builder Member. How do I apply?2020-09-17T08:09:39-06:00

Membership with ANHWP demonstrates that our Builder Members are committed to meeting performance obligations and demonstrating excellence in customer service, product quality, expertise, experience, and the financial capacity to support business activities, the backing of sound business plans.

Our rigorous membership criteria ensure that every Builder Member shares our commitment to performance and professionalism and understands their responsibility to provide remedies for homebuyers when issues arise.

Learn more

What’s covered under 10-year structural warranty?2020-09-17T08:07:18-06:00
Year 10 coverage for New Home Warranty - structural

Coverage for the load-bearing parts of the home (frame, foundation)

Learn more about 1-2-5-10 coverage

What’s covered under 5-year building envelope warranty?2020-09-17T08:07:45-06:00
Year 5 coverage for New Home Warranty - building envelope

Coverage for defects in the system of components that separate the conditioned space from unconditioned space (roof, exterior walls).

Learn more about 1-2-5-10 coverage

What’s covered under 2-year delivery and distribution systems warranty?2020-09-17T08:00:55-06:00
Year 2 home warranty coverage for New Home Warranty - delivery & distribution

Coverage for defects in materials and labour related to delivery and distribution systems (heating, electrical, plumbing)

Learn more about 1-2-5-10 coverage

What homebuilders are members of ANHWP?2020-09-17T07:49:30-06:00

We are proud to be partnered with over 400 of Alberta’s top homebuilders. View our Builder Directory to see the full list of members.

What’s covered under 1-year materials and labour warranty?2020-09-16T15:11:46-06:00
Year 1 home warranty coverage for New Home Warranty - labour & materials

Coverage for defects in materials and labour (such as baseboards, flooring, trim, driveway)

Learn more above 1-2-5-10 coverage

Are drywall cracks covered?2020-06-16T15:29:41-06:00

Normal cracks in drywall are not considered defects in materials, labour or design. Under the terms of the structural defect warranty, the Program may inspect drywall cracks for evidence of a load-bearing component of the home failing to provide support. In making this determination, factors causing the movement are examined.

Check out our structural guide to learn more.

Are concrete cracks covered?2020-06-16T15:28:36-06:00

Cracks resulting from normal shrinkage and settlement processes are common in all concrete construction. Under the structural defect warranty, the Program may inspect any crack(s) for possible coverage. Alone, crack(s) in the foundation are not considered a structural defect.

Check out our structural guide to learn more.

Why was my mediation request denied?2020-06-16T15:33:10-06:00

Mediation requires both the homeowner and homebuilder to agree to participate. If one of these parties does not accept the mediation request, we are unable to continue the process. 

I disagree with the results of my Claims Assessment Report. What can I do?2020-06-01T16:06:19-06:00

If you disagree with the Claims Assessment Report, please visit our File a Claim page, where we outline all available options.

I received an invitation code in my homeowner package or welcome email. What do I do with it?2020-05-31T14:11:41-06:00

In order to create a username and password using the Invitation Code please follow the directions below: 

  • Click on Homeowner Portal
  • Where it says “Have access to an invitation code?” select, Redeem it here. 
  • Enter the invitation code number and click Next 
  • Create a username and password  
  • Confirm password and click on Create Account 

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