Congratulations on buying your new home! Now, before you can settle in and enjoy everything that comes with being a new homeowner, you’ll first have to face the task of packing everything in your old home and move it all (or almost all of it) to your new address.

While some dread the moving process as a tedious and tiring chore, you can also see it as an opportunity to clear out unwanted things, streamline your belongings and make a fresh start. By taking advantage of the preparation tips below and with some careful planning, your move can be quick, easy, and enjoyable!

Prepare yourself

The very first thing you need to do? Easy — get yourself some packing supplies! Nothing throws off the packing process more than having to stop what you’re doing to find more boxes and materials. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you get a lot of boxes; any extras you have can easily be recycled, donated, or used for storage in your new home. Also pick up some packing tape, labels, and markers to help make finding everything a lot easier!

All boxes great and small

Make sure to get a variety of boxes for your move. It’s natural to assume a stack of large boxes are all you need but consider what’s going inside them. Boxes of books can heavy really quickly, so it’s better to pack a lot several smaller boxes (trust us — your back will thank you!). Medium-sized boxes are fine for lighter things, and a few wardrobe boxes make packing your clothes much easier.

You’re the leader of the pack(ing)

When it comes to fragile items, it’s easier to protect treasured pieces if you carefully wrap them in packing paper or bubble wrap, and then box them together. Clearly labeling items as fragile means you or your movers can easily tell when a little extra care is needed.

It’s also a smart idea to pack the same rooms in the same boxes. Don’t mix-and-match from separate rooms in one box — unpacking will be so much faster and easier if you keep your rooms separated.

Finally, get your packing done well before moving day arrives! The day will be stressful enough without having to finalize packing or take pictures off the walls. One less thing to worry about is always a good idea!

Move it out

Whether you’re using professional movers or some very helpful friends, here’s a few things you can do to make the day of the move a little easier.

  • Try to take drawers out of dressers and disassemble beds before the move; it makes packing and moving them a lot easier.
  • Figure out what you’ll want to unpack first in your new home — put those boxes on the trucks last. They’ll be so much easier to find when you need them.
  • Don’t pack necessary medicine, jewelry, or cash in boxes to be put on the trucks – keep them with you. The last thing you need to worry about is losing track of important items and their boxes!
  • Make yourself a care package for moving day, and keep it handy when you travel from your old home to your new one. Include convenient snacks, water, toilet paper, soap, and paper towels. You’ll be so happy you planned ahead!
  • Finally, make sure you know where to park the moving trucks, and that you observe any bylaws on moving day.

Remember that your move starts a long time before moving day. If keep yourself organized, the move will be over before you know it, and you’ll be relaxing in your brand new home!