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Customer Care2021-10-06T08:50:57-06:00

Expert advice and personal, responsive service you can count on

We consider ourselves your partner in new homeownership, so we ensure a real person is available to assist you by phone or email to answer your questions. We expect the same quality of responsive customer service from ourselves as we do from our Builder Members, so you can feel comfortable reaching out.  

Diligent care in servicing defects, should they ever arise

Our high standards for Builder and Renovator membership mean you can rest assured you’re working with a reputable company. However, if the unexpected happens and you should require warranty support, we’ll keep the lines of communication open between you and your builder. You can count on our assistance to get your home back on track – we’re here to assist with initiating a NHWICC claim through assessment and resolution. 

Learn more about how to file warranty claims and resolution options. 

You have questions, we’ve got answers

Contact our friendly customer service team or read our Frequently Asked Questions. 

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Homeowners asked, we answered

I received an invitation code in my homeowner package or welcome email. What do I do with it?2020-05-31T14:11:41-06:00

In order to create a username and password using the Invitation Code please follow the directions below: 

  • Click on Homeowner Portal
  • Where it says “Have access to an invitation code?” select, Redeem it here. 
  • Enter the invitation code number and click Next 
  • Create a username and password  
  • Confirm password and click on Create Account 
My invitation code isn’t working2023-10-04T09:37:37-06:00

Invitation codes are one time use. If your code is not working, please try:

  1. Logging into the Homeowner Portal with the username and password you previously set up;
  2. On the Homeowner Portal page, select “Forgot your password” and follow the prompts

If you encounter trouble after trying above suggestions, please contact us. 

I disagree with the results of my Claims Assessment Report. What can I do?2023-10-04T09:36:16-06:00

If you disagree with the Claims Assessment Report, please visit our Resolution Options page, where we outline all available options.

Why was my mediation request denied?2021-10-06T09:08:51-06:00

Mediation requires both the homeowner and homebuilder to agree to participate. If one of these parties does not accept the mediation request, we are unable to continue the process. 

Do I need to pay the premium amount listed on my Home Warranty Insurance Policy?2021-10-06T09:08:51-06:00

The premium that appears on your Home Warranty Insurance Policy is the payment due for applicable insurance as mandated in the Insurance Act. This payment has already been paid through your builder and therefore, no further payment is required. 

I recently purchased a home that has an active policy. How do I transfer the policy into my name?2023-10-04T09:35:14-06:00

Please email our Contact Center team at contactcentre@anhwp.com with a copy of the Certificate of Title or Statement of Adjustments in order to have your contact information updated in our database and receive access to the Homeowner Portal. 

Are concrete cracks covered?2021-10-06T09:08:50-06:00

Cracks resulting from normal shrinkage and settlement processes are common in all concrete construction. Under the structural defect warranty, the Program may inspect any crack(s) for possible coverage. Alone, crack(s) in the foundation are not considered a structural defect.

Check out our structural guide to learn more.

Are drywall cracks covered?2021-10-06T09:08:50-06:00

Normal cracks in drywall are not considered defects in materials, labour or design. Under the terms of the structural defect warranty, the Program may inspect drywall cracks for evidence of a load-bearing component of the home failing to provide support. In making this determination, factors causing the movement are examined.

Check out our structural guide to learn more.

What’s covered under 1-year materials and labour warranty?2021-10-06T09:08:50-06:00
Year 1 home warranty coverage for New Home Warranty - labour & materials

Coverage for defects in materials and labour (such as baseboards, flooring, trim, driveway)

Learn more above 1-2-5-10 coverage
What’s covered under 2-year delivery and distribution systems warranty?2021-10-06T09:08:49-06:00
Year 2 home warranty coverage for New Home Warranty - delivery & distribution

Coverage for defects in materials and labour related to delivery and distribution systems (heating, electrical, plumbing)

Learn more about 1-2-5-10 coverage
What’s covered under 5-year building envelope warranty?2021-10-06T09:08:49-06:00
Year 5 coverage for New Home Warranty - building envelope

Coverage for defects in the system of components that separate the conditioned space from unconditioned space (roof, exterior walls).

Learn more about 1-2-5-10 coverage
What’s covered under 10-year structural warranty?2022-11-16T15:38:10-07:00
Year 10 coverage for New Home Warranty - structural

Coverage for the load-bearing parts of the home (frame, foundation)

Learn more about 1-2-5-10 coverage
A third-party approached me, offering to assist with my claim. What should I do?2021-10-06T09:08:48-06:00

Third-party new home warranty interference for both single-family and multi-family homebuilders and homeowners in Alberta is a growing – and concerning – trend. Various parties throughout the province are ineffectively inserting themselves in the warranty process in the name of customer advocacy, but the reality is that their purported services provide little value-add to home warranty policyholders, and worse, can complicate and interfere with the claims process in general.

What can you do about it?

  • If you’re approached by a third-party claiming to offer new home warranty inspection or review expertise, immediately contact us at 1.800.352.8240 (Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm MT) or by email at contactcentre@anhwp.com
  • If you’re concerned about a third-party’s services or approach, we would encourage you to consider filing a consumer complaint.
  • Document and save communications related to interactions with third-party warranty interference.
  • Do not hesitate to initiate a claim with us as your new home warranty provider, who will work with you to provide understanding around what is and isn’t warrantable, and why.
Where can I find my warranty expiration dates?2021-10-06T09:08:47-06:00

Your warranty expiration dates can be found on the last page of your Home Warranty Insurance Policy, or on the Homeowner Portal.

How do I manage water on my property?2021-10-06T09:08:47-06:00

Managing surface water (rainfall, snowmelt) is an important part of home maintenance. Improper management can affect your foundation, and compromise your warranty coverage. We have assembled a guide to help keep your home safe:

Surface water management tips
I am having difficulties resetting my Homeowner Portal password2023-10-04T09:34:21-06:00

To reset your password, go to the Homeowner Portal (or click the Homeowner Login button on the top of your screen) and select “Forgot your password?”

Tip: You’ll need to enter your username, which will be your email address.

When does warranty coverage start?2021-10-06T09:08:45-06:00

The day warranty insurance coverage begins is called the “commencement date”. A common misconception is that this date is the day a new homeowner moves in, which is not always the case.

For single-family homes the commencement date isthe earliest of (1) the date a new home is first occupied; (2) the date an accredited agency, accredited municipality, or accredited regional services commission grants permission to occupy a new home; and (3) the date the transfer of title to a new home is registered.  

For non-condominium multi-family units (for example, a duplex unit or row townhome with no common warrantable property): the earliest of (1) the date a new home is first occupied; (2) the date an accredited agency, accredited municipality, or accredited regional services commission grants permission to occupy a new home; and (3) the date the transfer of title to a new home is registered.  

For a multi-family unit registered under a condominium plan: the earliest of (1) the date a new home is first occupied; and (2) the date an accredited agency, accredited municipality or accredited regional services commission grants permission to occupy a new home.  

For warrantable common property in a multi-family building or for the property for which a condominium corporation is responsible under its bylaws: (1) the title to an inhabitable unit in a building or building in a phase of development of a condominium is transferred from the homebuilder to a purchaser of a unit in an arm’s length transaction; and (2) the homebuilder has agreed with a qualified person to have the qualified person prepare a building assessment report for the building or for the phase of development within 180 days of the transfer of title described in (1).  


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