In the ever-evolving realm of home construction, Morrison Homes stands as a beacon of quality and tradition, boasting an impressive 63-year legacy. As a founding member of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, Morrison Homes has played a pivotal role in setting and maintaining industry standards for excellence. Originating in 1961, when founder Frank Morrison built the company from the ground up, Morrison Homes is now recognized as a record-setting, multi-time Builder of the Year, and has consistently delivered on its commitment to genuine construction quality and a personalized touch.

Al Morrison, Franks son who took over the business in 1983, reflects back on a history of excellence with ANHWP by saying, “It’s a source of immense pride for us to instill this sense of confidence in our buyers, assuring them that as they step into their new homes, Morrison and the ANHWP stand as pillars of support. From navigating the intricate details of home construction to addressing any concerns that may arise along the way, we’re committed to ensuring that our buyers feel empowered and supported throughout their entire homebuying experience. With both us and ANHWP by their side, they can move forward into this exciting chapter of their lives with absolute certainty and peace of mind.”

Morrison Homes has been instrumental in shaping the residential landscapes of Calgary and Edmonton, crafting a diverse array of homes across sought-after communities. The company’s unwavering dedication to high customer service is exemplified by its powerful motto, “Homebuyers Best Friend,” underlining their persistent focus on prioritizing their homebuyers. This commitment has garnered significant recognition, with both Calgary and Edmonton being finalists for the prestigious 2023 Customer Experience Award.

Morrison Homes Calgary clinched the title of Single-Family Builder of the Year for an impressive 16th time at the BILD Calgary & Region Awards in April 2022. This achievement underscores the company’s consistent excellence and dedication to crafting homes that stand the test of time. In Edmonton, Morrison Homes is poised to make waves in the 2024 CHBA Edmonton Region Awards, having earned an impressive 14 nominations across various categories, including Advertising, Single Family Housing, Multi-Family Housing, Sales Centre, Safety Excellence, and Sales Person of the Year.

At the core of Morrison Homes’ success lies an unwavering commitment to fostering enduring relationships with developers, suppliers, trade partners, and, above all, its cherished customers. The company’s multiple nominations for the CHBA Edmonton Region Awards serve as a resounding testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of the entire Morrison Homes team, coupled with the steadfast support of their trades, vendors, and the valued customers who make it all possible.

ANHWP’s President and CEO, Scott Hamilton, reflected on our long standing history with Morrison Homes, “Morrison Homes has been an exemplary Member of the Program, and represents the very best of our industry. Their commitment to customer service, quality homebuilding, and support for community is unparalleled, and they have been a perennial high-performer in the Alberta New Home Warranty membership. Beyond that, their humble, hardworking roots continue to guide their customer-friendly approach to building homes for families in Alberta, and their role as industry leader is highlighted by their historic accolade as a 16-time Home Builder of the Year. We are honoured to be a Morrison Homes’ partner, and applaud their exceptional dedication to providing an outstanding home buying and home ownership experience.”

As we look back on Morrison Homes’ remarkable journey, it’s crucial to acknowledge their pivotal role as one of the founding members of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program. This enduring partnership signifies not only the company’s commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction but also its dedication to setting industry standards for quality and reliability. The legacy of care established by Frank Morrison continues to mold Morrison Homes into a homebuilder of unparalleled distinction, embodying the principles of honesty, genuine construction quality, and a personalized touch that make them The Homebuyer’s Best Friend.

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