Prep for the warm weather with these home maintenance tips!

  • Examine fences and decks

    Even with regular maintenance, fences and decks, especially those made of wood, are prone to deterioration. Evaluate the structural soundness of your decks and fences, including steps and handrails, and address any loose components by repairing or replacing them promptly.

  • Give your BBQ a once-over

    To optimize your grill’s performance and prevent flare-ups, it’s advisable to give it a thorough cleaning. Use a grill brush to scrub the grates and interior, and wipe down the exterior with warm, soapy water.

    Additionally, tidy up and organize your grilling utensils and make sure you have an ample supply of charcoal or propane.

    For owners of gas grills, it’s essential to check the fuel line for cracks and clear any obstructions from blocked burner holes.

  • Fill low spots along your home

    As rain (and snow…) continue to fall they may wash away the clay around your home, creating low spots. Filling these dips with clay (not soil, as it will wash away) and packing it tight to create a negative slope away from your home will help to manage surface water and protect your basement.

  • Monthly duties:

    Remember to do these every month:

    • Check the batteries in your smoke and CO2 Detectors
    • Replace or clean your furnace air filter
    • Clean your hood range filter

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