Protection to start dreaming sooner

Buying a home is one of the most significant investment decisions of your life and also an exciting time! Start dreaming sooner by purchasing the pre-construction Purchaser Home Deposit Bond. It will enable you to be part of your home design process in advance of construction getting underway, without having to put up a full cash deposit right away.  

As part of the process, the developer requires an up-front deposit even though the build-out time can be lengthy. Committing the full deposit in cash is not always the best option. A Purchaser Home Deposit Bond is a convenient alternative, allowing you to defer up to 50% of the deposit until closing. 

  • Quick approval process

  • Unsecured and costeffective solution

  • Select the home you want now and participate in the building process 

  • You don’t have to expedite the sale of your existing home to finance the purchase of a new one 

  • You don’t need to secure an expensive bank loan with monthly payments or borrow from a family member

  • You don’t need to liquidate investments or tap into your RRSP: continue earning interest right up until you close on your new home

Underwritten by Trisura