As a professional homebuilder, your top priority is to deliver high-quality homes that exceed your clients’ expectations. One of the benefits of buying a new home is the warranty coverage that comes with it, providing additional peace of mind for soon-to-be owners. However, have you ever encountered resistance from potential buyers when the remaining warranty coverage on a spec or show home doesn’t meet their expectations? That’s where Extended Warranty can make a significant difference. By offering purchasers Extended Warranty coverage through ANHWP, you can provide peace of mind, lengthen protection periods, and ultimately close the deal with confidence.

By topping up the warranty period for spec and show homes, you give your customers the assurance that their investment is protected to the same standard that a brand-new build would have. This additional coverage can alleviate concerns and build trust between you and your buyers, ultimately making sitting inventory more appealing.

Extended Warranty is one of ANHWP’s many exclusive programs available to our Builder Members. This unique suite of coverage options sets you apart from competitors and demonstrates your commitment to providing the best home buying experience. Additionally, offering Extended Warranty coverage enhances the overall value of your homes, attracting discerning buyers seeking peace of mind and long-term protection. Extended Warranty is a way to turn a potential problem into a solution, enhancing your home sales process.

What else does extended warranty entail?

  • Options to customize coverage periods based on the needs of your clients.
  • Customize coverage on each home to meet your warranty exposure comfort.
  • Coverage offered on single family homes and multi-family homes individual units.
  • ANHWP-approved Extended Warranty emblem to showcase homes with top-up coverage.

Offering Extended Warranty coverage is a smart move for homebuilders looking to enhance their value proposition and exceed customer expectations. By partnering with ANHWP, you can overcome buyer objections, differentiate your homes in the market, and build a reputation for providing the best warranty coverage. Take the next step by reaching out to your Account Manager and learn how to add Extended Warranty to your homes. Together, let’s provide a lasting foundation of trust and protection for homeowners in Alberta.

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