As a single-family home builder, Cedarglen Homes has always built with families in mind.

But as demonstrated in the veteran builder’s latest product, their expertise and experience in single-family homes can benefit other types of home buyers, as well.

“Cedarglen Homes always takes a matter of fact approach,” says Allison Harvie, sales and marketing manager, adding that the company’s designs are not about being experimental — they’re meant to address a need.

They’ve done that with the M Series. This collection of 12 uniquely-designed lots in Seton are earmarked for detached bungalows ranging from 899 to 937 square feet.

The idea behind the M Series was hatched at the Cedarglen head office when two team members were casually discussing challenges their respective family members faced finding a home that met their needs.

One team member had an adolescent child who was ready for their own place. The other team member was trying to find housing options for their aging parents. The common thread between the two cases was that they wanted to be in a single-family home.

“At that point we started brainstorming and we found this gap in the market,” says Harvie.

“We discovered we could build this unique bungalow footprint that didn’t compete against villas and was different enough from single-family homes — and came up with this really neat concept.”

Cedarglen Homes is known for building front-drive single-family homes and paired homes with significantly larger dimensions than models in the M Series.

“That’s where our bread and butter was and what this is targeting is maybe a buyer that we were not selling to already,” says Harvie, pointing to the downsizer demographic.

While lifestyle and flexibility were the focus of the M Series, a spinoff benefit based on the dimensions of both the homes and lots was an attainable price.

They start from $339,900, which is an uncommonly-low cost for new bungalows in Calgary.

Land prices contributed to that.

Working with Brookfield Residential — the developer of Seton — Cedarglen Homes was able to build on lots with an unconventional configuration.

An unconventional lot configuration of 35 feet by 68 feet deep, meant that we could accommodate a wider home.

In reducing the depth of the backyard, it offered a smaller backyard that appealed to homebuyers because of its low maintenance requirements.

“When we sat down to develop the product we started on the streetscape,” says Harvie. “We wanted to create a streetscape that was both appealing and inviting to passerbys.

“We really wanted the emphasis to be on streetscape, so those bungalows are up to 8 feet wider than conventional product at 30 feet wide, resulting in the wider front of the home.”

They’re also 30 feet long, adds Harvie calling them a “perfect square.”

There are five floor plans in the M Series, all named after a small town or village in Alberta. Its model dubbed Star is demonstrated as a show home.

They come with a parking pad and the option of a detached garage.

While the square footage of the homes may be similar to a spacious two-bedroom condo, bungalows have the ability to feel larger.

“You can do things like vaulted ceilings or 10-foot ceilings, neat things to volumize and make it feel big,” Harvie says, adding vaulted ceilings are one of the features displayed in the show home.

The floor plans can accommodate up to two bedrooms on the main level and a third bedroom (perhaps, even a fourth) in a developed basement.

These basements can also accommodate a secondary suite.

Cedarglen Homes kept its target market in mind with its choice of location, as well. In the major mixed-use development, everything is within easy reach.

“We picked Seton because you can walk everywhere,” says Harvie. “There’s shopping, the hospital, and all the other services. You didn’t need to have a car and can still walk throughout the community and have lots of places to go.”

The builder is planning on making the Star show home one people can access 24 hours a day. It will do this through an automated lock and alarm system.

Cameras will be attached to the show home so the area sales manager will know when the visitor has arrived and is safe to unlock the door.

Harvie says the 24-hour show home is another step Cedarglen Homes is taking to improve the customer experience.

That customer focus is one of the reasons Cedarglen Homes has been a long-time member of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, according to Harvie.

She says The Program “provides homeowners with the confidence and peace of mind that their new home is backed by one of the longest standing new home warranties in Canada.”

“As members, we are proud to be recognized among the most reputable builders in the industry as our membership is reviewed annually to ensure that we uphold the standards that the program has set forth for homeowner protection,” she adds.

Scott Hamilton, Vice President, Marketing and Sales at The Alberta New Home Warranty Program, lauds the builder’s customer-centric approach.

“Cedarglen’s customer philosophy is rooted in a deep and empathetic understanding of the home buying journey, and their entire team seems to understand that the journey doesn’t stop once you’ve taken possession of your home,” says Hamilton. “Cedarglen takes accountability for the homes they craft, and we’ve routinely witnessed the care and attention they give each and every home owner.

“They are among the best in Alberta at what they do, and to be a Cedarglen home owner is to truly know peace-of-mind.”

Cedarglen Homes’ plans for the M Series are not stopping in Seton. The builder will also be bringing this product line north to Livingston, another community by Brookfield, in 2021.