In the ever-evolving landscape of homebuilding, Jayman BUILT emerges as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in Alberta. The company’s commitment to increase their standard number of solar panels on all new home builds from six to an impressive 10 is a groundbreaking move towards a greener future. This bold initiative highlights Jayman’s commitment to reducing carbon footprints and enhancing energy efficiency, setting a new standard in the industry.

Effective 2023, Jayman’s new standard of 10 solar panels is not just a numerical upgrade; it represents a significant stride towards achieving Net Zero energy generation. With up to 50 per cent in annual electrical savings for homeowners, Jayman is making sustainable living not just an option but a standard feature in their homes.

Jay Westman, Chairman and CEO of Jayman BUILT, expressed his pride in this milestone, stating, “We have always put an emphasis on maximizing value for buyers when building new homes, so we are proud to announce this new standard feature in all of our new builds.” The impact is two-fold, as the increased solar panel installation not only reduces the carbon footprint of Jayman BUILT homes but also halves homeowners’ electricity bills—a noteworthy step towards Net Zero energy generation.

These solar panels are seamlessly integrated into Jayman’s Core Performance package, an industry-leading suite of energy-efficient features designed to minimize annual energy costs. Alongside the solar panels, the package includes ultraviolet air purification systems, electric vehicle charging outlets, tankless hot water heaters, active heat recovery ventilators, triple pane windows, high-efficiency furnaces, and smart home technologies. Westman emphasized that these features are “not optional”—they are now standard for all newly constructed Jayman homes, aligning with the company’s commitment to redefine expectations in the industry.

This dedication to energy efficiency positions Jayman homes as 30 per cent more energy efficient than minimum building code mandates. The environmental impact is substantial, saving 4.84 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Moreover, homeowners can anticipate an average energy cost saving of around $900 per year.

Jayman’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond standard offerings. Homeowners have the option to choose from three paths to Net Zero Certification: The Solar Energized Hybrid Performance, Net Zero Ready Peak Performance, or the Quantum Performance Ultra E-Home, each offering full net zero certification.

For over four decades, Jayman Built has been a trailblazer in redefining the way new homes are built, bought, and lived in. Partnering with Alberta New Home Warranty Program, Jayman ensures that homeowners not only benefit from cutting-edge features but also enjoy the peace of mind provided by a comprehensive warranty. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to excellence, where quality homes meet unwavering warranty coverage, setting a standard that stands the test of time.

Jayman’s latest initiative marks a pivotal moment in sustainable living, illuminating a path towards a brighter and greener future for homeowners in Alberta. If you would like to learn more about Jayman Built and their incredible initiatives, check out their website below:

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