In beautiful Lethbridge, Alberta, a builder with a passion for quality, community, and making a positive impact has been transforming the landscape of home construction. Stranville Living Master Builder, despite being in operation for over a decade, has swiftly become a local powerhouse, recognized as the BILD-Lethbridge Region’s 2023 Builder of the Year, their second year in a row! From innovative design to impeccable job site safety and customer service, Stranville Living is more than just a builder; it’s a community partner.

Founded in 2012, Stranville Living embodies a commitment to award-winning homes and enriching the community. Building upwards of 50 homes annually speaks volumes about the dedication and resilience of this locally owned builder. Stranville Living’s commitment to community extends beyond the construction site. Their recent partnership with KidSport Lethbridge-Taber saw a remarkable collaboration, raising over $70,000 for this non-profit to enable local youth to participate in sports. Awards like the Lethbridge Sport Council’s Business and Sport Excellence award in 2022 affirm their dedication to making a positive impact.

In a strategic move to elevate the housing landscape in picturesque Crowsnest Pass Alberta and Sparwood BC, home builders Ashcroft Homes and Stranville Living have joined forces. This collaboration marks a significant step towards offering innovative and quality housing in these charming Alberta and BC regions.

This partnership is poised to bring a diverse range of housing options to the residents of these two communities. From modern, energy-efficient designs to homes that capture the essence of the surrounding natural beauty, the collaboration aims to cater to the varied preferences of potential homeowners. This synergy is not only expected to enhance the local real estate market but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the communities.

The pinnacle of Stranville Living’s community initiatives is the “Who Deserves Better?” program, a testament to their commitment to community outreach and impacting lives positively. This program is more than just a slogan—it’s a heartfelt initiative designed to bring comfort, accessibility, and joy to those facing challenges in their living spaces.

The latest project under this program centered around the Blake family, a story that transcends bricks and mortar. A family of four facing the challenges of caring for a young son with a rare genetic disorder, Stranville Living and its industry partners undertook a five-day “Extreme Home Makeover” type renovation. The result was more than just a renovated house; it was a transformed home, a sanctuary for the Blake family to face their challenges with renewed hope and joy.

The “Who Deserves Better?” program isn’t just about renovating houses; it’s about creating spaces where lives unfold, memories are created, and challenges are met with resilience and hope. The transformation of the Blake family’s home is a powerful reminder that a home is more than a physical structure; it’s a sanctuary. As we reflect on this heartwarming tale, let it inspire us to embrace the spirit of community and compassion. Stranville Living Master Builder’s “Who Deserves Better?” program showcases how a single initiative can bring together individuals, businesses, and the wider community to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most.

For more inspiring stories and to witness the incredible transformations, visit Stranville Living’s website. As the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, we take pride in providing warranty support to builders like Stranville Living, ensuring that the homes they craft continue to stand as testaments to quality, durability, and the spirit of community.

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