Keep your home in perfect order with these home maintenance tips!

  • Keep your concrete slip-proof:

    Keeping your sidewalk snow free will prevent dangerous slips and falls. Regular shoveling will remove the majority of it, however ice can still form. Sidewalk salt is great for preventing ice build-up, however, salt can be harmful to your concrete, pets paws, and grass. Alternatively you can use sand, coffee grounds or even cat litter!

  • Clean your fridge:

    Along with cleaning out your old leftovers and expired condiments, cleaning the exterior of your fridge will help to maintain its efficiency. Cleaning dust off of the vents and coils around your fridge will ensure proper heat distribution and air flow.

  • Check your bathtubs caulk:

    Over time caulk can deteriorate from excessive moisture drying it out. When caulk cracks and wears it can allow water to leak into the homes frames. Resealing the caulk will help to prevent this and keep your bathroom looking fresh.

  • Monthly duties:

    Remember to do these every month:

    • Check the batteries in your smoke and CO2 Detectors
    • Replace or clean your furnace air filter
    • Clean your hood range filter

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