A Heat Recovery Ventilation system, or HRV, is one of the best ways to remove excess indoor humidity in your home while also improving your air quality. The HRV works by exhausting air outside while simultaneously replacing it with fresh air that flows into your home through your furnace. 

A simple way to keep your HRV running smoothly and efficiently is by regularly cleaning the filters. 

First, start by opening the access door to your HRV. Grip the ends of the core – it may be snug – and pull evenly outward. Gently slide the filters out.

Next, rinse the filters with cold water. If they’re really dirty, give them a gentle vacuum first and then soak using a mild detergent and warm water. Gently shake the filters to remove the excess water, allowing them to air dry. Don’t clean with hot water, the dishwasher or wring them out, as this may cause damage. 

Reinstall your clean HRV filters in place against the core, and gently slide the core back into its original position. 

We recommend cleaning your HRV filters every three months.

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