This past weekend marked an exciting milestone as we celebrated the grand opening of the wetlands in Hotchkiss, Hopewell Residentials’ latest community. Situated in the lively southeast of Calgary, Hotchkiss isn’t just a neighborhood; it seamlessly combines modern architecture with cherished community values.

Upon completion, Hotchkiss will be home to around 3,700 residents. It epitomizes Hopewell’s forward-thinking design with a family-friendly focus, providing various housing options, including Paired, Laned, and Attached Garage homes. What distinguishes Hotchkiss is its centerpiece—a vast 30-acre wetland serving as a focal point that brings the community together with its natural beauty.

Hotchkiss invites future residents with a carefully crafted design tailored to modern lifestyles, creating an ideal backdrop for families not just to live but to thrive. This vibrant community offers unmatched convenience; within moments, residents find themselves surrounded by existing shops, restaurants, and retail amenities.

Nature becomes an integral part of the Hotchkiss experience, with 51 acres dedicated to park space, pathways, and of course, the wetlands. This expansive green oasis, combined with breathtaking mountain views and boardwalks provides a haven for year-round recreational opportunities. Hotchkiss effortlessly connects residents with the beauty of the natural world. The community emerges as a hub for social connectivity, offering welcoming community spaces, future schools, play areas, picnic sites, and more, fostering a profound sense of belonging among its residents.

Renowned builders such as Hopewell, NuVista, Broadview, and Sterling contribute to the Hotchkiss fabric by crafting homes that go beyond mere shelter—they become integral parts of the envisioned lifestyle. Each home is thoughtfully designed to accommodate diverse family needs, varied lifestyles, and budget considerations, ensuring that residents don’t just inhabit a space but truly make it their own.

For added peace of mind, the homebuilders of Hotchkiss stand behind their homes with the comprehensive coverage of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program. This assurance extends to all new homes within the community, reflecting a commitment to the lasting satisfaction and well-being of Hotchkiss homeowners. Hotchkiss isn’t just a residential development; it’s a promise of a harmonious and fulfilling lifestyle.

Marvin Coronia, Marketing Manager at Hopewell, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the community open house. He shares, “Whether you’re new to Calgary, or beginning a brand-new life stage, you’re most welcome in Hotchkiss. Live the life you’ve only dreamed of and thrive with thoughtfully designed homes to fit your lifestyle, wide open spaces to explore, and a warm and welcoming community where you and your loved ones will truly belong.”

Hotchkiss is more than a residential development; it’s a promise of a vibrant, close-knit community where every resident contributes to the tapestry of shared experiences. Discover Hotchkiss for yourself by visiting the community website and see Hopewell’s vision for an exceptional community.

Discover Hotchkiss for yourself here!