The buds are in bloom and temperatures are on the rise! It’s time to update your home with these tips for the month of May, so you can spend more time relaxing!

  • Inspect fences and decks:

    Even with seasonal care, deterioration happens to fences and decks, especially wooden ones. Inspect the integrity of your decks and fences, including any steps and handrails, and repair or replace any components that are not firmly fastened. 

  • Clean out your BBQ:

    To enhance your grill’s efficiency and prevent flare-ups, it’s beneficial to thoroughly clean it. Utilize a grill brush to clean the grates and interior, and wash the exterior with warm, soapy water. Additionally, organize and clean your grilling tools and fill up on charcoal or propane

    For those with a gas grill, it’s important to inspect the fuel line for any cracks and eliminate any blockages from clogged burner holes.

  • Check your outdoor lights:

    The days are getting longer and warmer, which means you’ll probably be spending more time outside in the evenings. Checking your outdoor lighting is important to make sure your home is well-lit and safe. 

  • Monthly duties:

    Remember to do these every month:

    • Check the batteries in your smoke and CO2 Detectors
    • Replace or clean your furnace air filter
    • Clean your hood range filter
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