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Purchasing a new home is a big decision and investment — before you buy, it’s important to find the right builder to work with.

Browse our directory of Builder Members to see which builders we stand behind.

Our Builder Members

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There are currently 22 Builder Members in this directory beginning with the letter R.
R. Harker Construction Ltd.
R.M. Bullock Construction Ltd.
RareBuilt Homes Ltd.
Rawlyk Developments Incorporated
Reside Construction Ltd.
Rielly Homes Ltd.
Riser Developments Ltd.
Rivercrest Homes Ltd.
Riverside Quays Limited Partnership
Rockcreek Builders 2014 Inc.
Rockford Developments Inc.
Rockford Tuscany Inc.
Rockford Urban Developments Inc.
Rockford Walden Inc.
Rocky Cross Construction (North) Ltd.
Rohit Communities (Calgary) Inc.
Rohit Communities Inc.
Roman Homes Ltd.
Rosecrest Homes Ltd.
Royce Developments Inc.
RPM Investment Corporation
Russell Construction Hinton Ltd.