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Purchasing a new home is a big decision and investment — before you buy, it’s important to find the right builder to work with.

Browse our directory of Builder Members to see which builders we stand behind.

Our Builder Members

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There are currently 37 Builder Members in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Calais Villas Residences Ltd.
Calbridge Homes Ltd.
Caliber Master Builder Ltd.
Calista Homes Ltd.
Calvanna Developments Ltd.
Cameron Homes Inc.
Canada West Homes Ltd.
Cancali Developments Inc.
Canland Homes Ltd.
Canterbury Homes
Cantiro Homes GP Ltd.
Canyon Spring Master Builder Inc.
Cardel Homes Inc.
Carolina Homes Inc.
Carrington Construction Edmonton Ltd.
Casman Building Solutions Inc.
Cass Investments Ltd.
Castle Creek Homes Ltd.
Cathray Distributors Ltd.
CCB Holdings Ltd.
Cedar Ridge Quality Homes Ltd.
Cedarglen Living Inc.
Cherry Wood Holdings Inc.
City Homes Master Builder Inc.
Clanswest Development Ltd.
Classic Homes (Cold Lake) Ltd.
Colbray Homes Ltd.
Concept Developments Ltd.
Cornerstone by Dallaire Homes Ltd.
Cove Properties (85th & Park) Inc.
Cove Properties (Apollo) Inc.
Cove Properties (Bow 360) Inc.
Cove Properties Pinnacle LP
Coventry Homes Inc.
Crimson Cove Homes Inc.
Crystal Creek Homes Inc.
Currie Barracks LP