• Check the roof for ice dams

    Regions that experience snow with above freezing temperatures during the day and below freezing at night are prone to what is called “ice dams” or “ice damming”. As the ice accumulates, it will act as a dam, preventing water from flowing and may cause leaks in your home. To avoid ice dams, be sure to clear snow off of your roof, especially around vents.

  • Pour a bucket of water into the floor drain

    To prevent sewer gas from entering your home through floor drains in your basement, make sure water is always present in the drains by occasionally pouring a bucket of clean water down the drain to re-establish the water seal.

  • Check and test carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries

    Make sure you read the owner’s manual for both your CO and smoke detectors. Experts recommend having both battery-powered and wired-in models for an added level of protection.

  • Clean range hood filters

    Kitchen range hoods are an important part of your home’s ventilation system to remove odours and improve air quality. Clean and replace filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.