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Join us Wednesday, May 18 as we welcome Jake Surrey, Head of Digital – North America at Fountain Partnership to discuss using forecasting to set effective targets for digital marketing. In the webinar, we’ll work through how to build a metric-driven marketing strategy from the ground up, working upwards from sales and revenue figures through to marketing plan development.

We’ll focus on the numbers you need to know to get started, which boil down to: how many customers do you want? And what can you afford to pay for them? And then build upwards from there to understanding what channels are likely to be the best fit and how best to evaluate and set targets for them.

This event is for ANHWP Builder Members and their employees only.

About the speaker

Jake currently leads Fountain’s Canadian operation from his base in Calgary. He has experience of working both in-house and agency side on both sides of the Atlantic, working with organizations ranging from start-ups to blue-chip multinationals.

He started off his career in recruitment for marketing and communications agencies, and often preferred the sound of the job he was recruiting for to his own. In 2010 he moved to Canada, working for a major independent oil and gas company on a variety of marketing projects. He’s known for his relationship building and ability to crunch numbers and then write something interesting about the trends he’s identified. Jake is skilled at explaining complicated problems in simple terms, cutting through the fluff to find out what the root of an issue really is – an ideal fit for our results-focused approach to PPC. He really enjoys the evidence-driven approach to digital marketing Fountain takes, basing its recommendations on empirical data instead of supposition.


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