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The latest radon systems are designed with safety in mind and can help increase peace-of-mind for homeowners. But how do those systems impact the soil around them? Join the Alberta New Home Warranty Program Group and the Professional Home Builders Institute as they welcome geotechnical expert Read Fenton, who will discuss radon systems and how they can make infrastructure vulnerable to clay soils. Read will also address common problems that occur when building on plastic clay soil, which can often be easily avoided but when not addressed will lead to significant rework, repair, and headache.

About the speaker

Read Fenton has been practicing Geotechnical Engineering since 2008. He has significant experience with geotechnical projects including high-rise buildings, schools, public buildings, highways, residential, commercial, large-scale industrial, wind farms, and rural developments. He enjoys working with clients to help them understand why recommendations are being made.


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