With the snow starting to fly and temperatures dropping, December is the time to ensure your home’s furnace filter is consistently maintained as we head into winter. Keeping your filters clean and well maintained is extremely important in ensuring that your home stays warm as temperatures continue to drop.

  • Clean furnace filter:

    A dirty or plugged air filter can limit air flow from the furnace to the ducts. Inspect and clean and/or replace at the beginning of the heating season and on a regular basis throughout the winter season.

  • Balance air flow at heating ducts:

    Each heat register in your home has a damper. If an area of your home is too cool or too warm, you can adjust the dampers to increase airflow. This is especially important for registers located near your home’s thermostat. 

  • Check and test CO/smoke detector batteries:

    Make sure you read the owner’s manual for both your CO and smoke detectors. Experts recommend having both battery powered and wired-in models for an added level of protection.

  • Clean range hood filters:

    Kitchen range hoods are an important part of your home’s ventilation system. They remove odours and improve indoor air quality.

    Clean and/or replace filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.