Doing the bare minimum is acceptable to some. It’s a quick and easy way to cross something off the to-do list.

But Broadview Homes takes a different approach.

Through its home design, sales, construction processes, and warranty division the award-winning builder makes extra strides to ensure every layer of the business benefits its customers.

Broadview is a builder of front-drive and laned single-family homes in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, Langdon, Cochrane, and Springbank.

One example of it going the extra mile is the national energy code update, which included more than 90 changes in 2015.

“We could jump on the wagon, follow suit and meet the minimum requirements of code and future considerations of net zero ready housing, but we took it a step further,” says Jon Turton, Broadview’s construction manager.

“I get out in the field, myself, with any trade that we have and personally review with them how something needs to be done to achieve more than just the minimum.”

There are several examples of Broadview going further than expected.

“Any plumbing that might need to be near a cold space or exterior wall, we’ll use spray foam instead of just trying to achieve minimum insulation values,” Turton says.

“We are not required to put in high-efficiency windows per se because we can meet the intent of the code in other directions but we still put in those high-efficiency windows, we put in higher insulation values in our walls,” he adds.

Turton also singles out the additional space Broadview places between the frost wall and concrete wall, and measures in place for exceedingly tight sealing for every component.

“We are still using HRVs (heat recovery ventilators) in our houses whereas a lot of builders have opted out because you can circumvent the need by using a simple bath fan,” he adds. “We don’t want to do things like that.

“We want to be able to engage a customer in the whole house through good technology.”

Broadview is part of the Qualico Group of Companies, which also owns Star Building Materials in Calgary.

“They provide our joists, beams, and all of our wood construction materials,” says Turton. “We have their engineers on-hand … they will design a house to make sure that we have that structural integrity.”

When it comes to design, Broadview boasts plenty of flexibility. While homes in some communities are offered with the opportunity for slight modifications, in others, there’s a high degree of customization.

But any customization needs to be done with care.

“If somebody comes to us and says, ‘I want to use this type of flooring in our house,’ that isn’t in our typical product lineup, we’ll go outside the box,” says Turton. “But we will never put something into the house that might compromise or just work awkwardly against other things in the house.

For example, “different flooring can expand and contract in different ways.”

During the construction process, Broadview’s site supervisors work closely with customers.

“We start to really establish that relationship and find out a little bit more about the people who are going to be living in the house,” Turton says. “Sometimes my site supervisors need to help that customer make a different decision on the fly as far as how they are accommodating some of the spaces in their house. Maybe they thought they had gone down the right path by making certain selections but later determined that maybe this isn’t hitting the nail on the head.

“We can make that change along the way, as well, to help that customer.”

After possession, Broadview knows how important it is for their customers to know the builder is still there when needed. This is the perfect time for construction and warranty to come together, says the builder.

“My construction team will remain on standby, and by standby, I mean on text, email, or a phone call, and we can usually respond within the same day,” says Turton.

Broadview has even gone back to homes that were built by the company 15 years earlier to address an item in the home.

“We stay beside them to end, really,” Turton say, adding every department at Broadview has training in customer service.

Broadview’s focus on its customers includes its membership with the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

“Our relationship with ANHWP is very open and candid and it’s such a mutually-respected business relationship,” Turton says. “We do not have a lot of intention of using ANHWP later on because we try to build it right, but that doesn’t mean things don’t come up,” he adds. “When things do come up, we have the consideration and proper conciliation from ANHWP.”

Broadview Homes has been a valued member with the ANHWP for more than 30 years.

“Their continued evolution in the home building industry has made them an industry leader,” says Lisa Tyhy, account manager at ANHWP.

“Communication with their home owners from inception throughout warranty has proven why Broadview Homes continues to provide exceptional homes with quality that is valued in the marketplace.”