Whether you are moving into a new home or up-styling the one you have, there are simple, quick refreshments you can make in a DIY, budget-friendly way. Let your personality pop and capture that sense of newness and change, however small it may be.

New paint or wallpaper

When experimenting with colours, themes, even the whimsical, the guest room or kids’ rooms are perfect places to try something new and fun, as less-used or more private spaces. Try a fresh colour throughout, or a bold accent wall. Wallpaper has made a comeback, so if you have the patience and skill for hanging it, it’s bound to make a statement. And remember, wall colour is something you can always easily redo.

The great hardware swap

Kitchen cabinetry takes on a whole new custom look simply by replacing the hardware. Select the shape, material and colour of new handles and drawer pulls to create a refreshed, and often expensive-looking, designer feel. All that’s required is a screwdriver, your good taste, and some time.

See things in a whole new light

Installing new light fixtures, chandeliers, and sconces easily updates your space. Whether it’s pendants over the kitchen peninsula, master bedroom lamps, or – the big one – the statement you make above your dining room table, lighting sets an important design and sensory tone.

Bring a vintage piece to back to life

Perhaps it’s something you already have as a piece in your house, or a treasure you find for a reasonable price at a vintage store, market, even an auction. With a little creativity, furniture can be transformed or re-purposed from its existing state and finishing with a bold burst of colour and new hardware. A one-of-a-kind statement piece, as a side table, desk, or vanity – it’s definitely worth the time.

“Spa” your bathroom

Your bathroom may not be a luxury spa, but this is your oasis. Everyone knows it’s more than functional. While you may not be interested in large scale changes, there are small steps that will instantly make a difference. Fresh fluffy folded towels. Hotel quality shower curtain, mat, and hooks for robes. A sleek cedar bath caddie. Candles, scented Epson salts. Glass containers for cotton balls and Q-tips. And the ultimate European treat – no, not a sauna – but a wall-mounted towel warmer. Aaaaaah.

 For ideas and photos, Pintrest is an extensive resource. Start creating your Décor DIY folder for inspiration!

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