Fall is here, and with colder weather around the corner, it’s time to ready your home for the changing season. Here are our top eight fall home maintenance tasks to tackle this October to keep your home operating smoothly moving into fall and winter.

  • Adjust humidity settings

    During the winter, humidity levels should be lowered to 20% (each home is different – adjust accordingly).

    If ice or excessive condensation appears on your windows, reduce humidity levels even more. Learn more about managing your homes’ humidity.

  • Check furnace & ventilation system filters

    A dirty or plugged air filter can limit air flow from the furnace to the ducts. Inspect and clean/replace the filters are the beginning of the heating season and on a regular basis throughout the winter.

  • Water trees & shrubs

    Trees and shrubs should be watered thoroughly in the early fall to ensure there is adequate moisture at the root zone during the winter.

  • Inspect floor drains

    Floor drains are usually located next to the furnace. To prevent sewer gas from entering your home, ensure water is always present in the drains.

    Learn more about establishing the water seal.

  • Inspect eavestroughs & downspouts

    Efficient rooftop drainage will help keep your basement dry by moving water away from your home. Surface particles often settle in the eavestroughs, reducing their efficiency. Cleaning out your eavestroughs at least once a year helps to prevent this.

  • Check adjustable steel posts in the basement

    Adjustable posts are used to support main beams in the basement and transfer loads to the foundation. Homeowners should regularly check that the supporting post is truly supporting the beam, as uneven pressure can cause issues down the road.

  • Check and test carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries

    Make sure you read the owner’s manual for both your CO and smoke detectors. Experts recommend having both battery-powered and wired-in models for an added level of protection.

  • Clean range hood filters

    Kitchen range hoods are an important part of your home’s ventilation system to remove odours and improve air quality. Clean and replace filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.