Protection while you make your home just right  

Renovating your home is a huge undertaking – and, for most, a major investment. To ensure your home and your investment are well protected, choose a renovator who offers comprehensive warranty through The Alberta Renovation Warranty Program (the Renovation Program). You’ll be covered from the moment you have placed your deposit until two years after the work is substantially complete. 

Deposit protection  

In the unlikely event that your renovator ceases operations before completing your project, the Alberta Renovation Warranty Program covers your deposit until your project is substantially complete. Covers all deposit monies paid up to $100,000. Coverage commences upon payment of initial deposit under the agreement and expires on the date of substantial completion. 

Third-party renovation warranty insurance  

Your third-party warranty covers defects in labour and materials for two full years after your project is substantially complete. Covers defects in labour and materials up to $100,000. Coverage commences upon the date of substantial completion and expires two years after that date. 

There’s no shortage of companies out there eager to take your money and renovate your home. By doing a little digging and asking some important questions up front, you can save yourself from hefty headaches and costly issues down the road. Here’s some tips on how to choose your home renovator: 

  • Take a close look at some of their previous projects and ask for references. 
  • Professional renovators will happily provide proof of business liability insurance, Workers Compensation coverage and third-party warranty insurance detailing what’s covered and for how long. 
  • Inquire about timelines and costs and ask how the renovator keeps them within scope, on-time and on-budget. 
  • Set expectations early to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

Renovation Program warranties are available only through our Members, who must meet stringent membership requirements and maintain strong track records of quality workmanship backed by solid financial foundations. Browse our list of Member renovators below.

Once you select a renovator, the crucial next step is to complete a contract. As precisely as possible, include the scope of work, agreed upon price, payment schedule, a reasonable timeline and any specific instructions (for example, daily cleanup requirements). Remember that changes to the plan during construction may cause delays and extra costs.  

Yes, if your renovation is covered under an active Renovation Warranty Policy. From any Member of the Renovation Program, you’ll receive third-party deposit protection from the date of your first deposit until the project is substantially complete. Your deposit is covered in the unlikely event that your renovator ceases operations before completing your project.  

Open and ongoing communication with your renovator is the best way to ensure you’re getting what you paid for and your project is proceeding as planned. In the unlikely event of a dispute, disagreement or communication breakdown, The Alberta Renovation Warranty Program is here to help by providing many dispute resolution options including mediation. 

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