Third-party new home warranty interference for both single-family and multi-family homebuilders and homeowners in Alberta is a growing – and concerning – trend. Various parties throughout the province are ineffectively inserting themselves in the warranty process in the name of customer advocacy, but the reality is that their purported services provide little value-add to home warranty policyholders, and worse, can complicate and interfere with the claims process in general.

What can you do about it?

  • If you’re approached by a third-party claiming to offer new home warranty inspection or review expertise, immediately contact us at 1.800.352.8240 (Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm MT) or by email at
  • If you’re concerned about a third-party’s services or approach, we would encourage you to consider filing a consumer complaint.
  • Document and save communications related to interactions with third-party warranty interference.
  • Do not hesitate to initiate a claim with us as your new home warranty provider, who will work with you to provide understanding around what is and isn’t warrantable, and why.