Don’t forget to keep your home in tip-top shape with these home maintenance tips!

  • Adjust heat registers

    Each heat register in your home has a damper. If an area of your home is too cool or too warm, you can adjust the dampers to increase airflow. This practice is known as “heat balancing”. This is especially important for registers located near your home’s thermostat.

  • Clean your washing machine

    Cleaning your washing machine is essential to prolonging its lifespan and keeping your clothes fresh. A spray bottle with vinegar can be used to clean the drum, and a microfiber cloth to clean the rubber gaskets. Most washing machines also have a compartment to empty out the water reservoir, which should be done monthly.

    It is best practice to follow the manufacturers recommendations.

  • Refresh your HRV filter

    It is important to clean your HRV filter. Filters that are dirty or clogged can decrease the efficiency of your HRV and contaminate the air circulating back into your home.

  • Monthly duties:

    Remember to do these every month:

    • Check the batteries in your smoke and CO2 Detectors
    • Replace or clean your furnace air filter
    • Clean your hood range filter

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