Check sealants & caulking

Sealant, the light-coloured material placed where two hard surfaces come together, prevents water from finding its way behind water-resistant materials. With cleaning, and the natural expansion and contraction of the materials bonded with the sealant, sealant may crack or separate form the joint.

Sealant joints should be repaired immediately if deteriorating. Learn more.

Clean intake vent screens

With a forced-air heating system (furnace with ducting), fresh air is brought into the home from an intake vent located near the ground at one side of the home: ensure this vent is clear from debris.

Check & test CO and smoke detector batteries

Regular testing will find a faulty detector quickly and ensure your family is protected. Make sure you read the owner’s manual for both your CO and smoke detectors. Experts recommend having both battery powered and wired-in models for an added level of protection. Learn more.

Clean range hood filters

Kitchen range hoods are an important part of your home’s ventilation system. They remove odours and improve indoor air quality. Cooking generates significant airborne moisture, which can cause window condensation — a range hood helps draw this moisture out of the home.

Filters in the throat of the hood must be kept clean to keep your fan running efficiently and quietly. Clean and/or replace filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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