Warranty Insights: Exploring the Latest Claim Trends

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After the dust has settled, what challenges are homeowners facing after moving into their new homes? Delve into the realm of real and perceived issues that arise. Our team has meticulously analyzed the data, revealing the top warranty claims made by Alberta homeowners.

Join us as we unveil the invaluable insights provided by expert Peter Gogich, C.E.T., Director, Claims and Field Operations, along with our Customer Solutions team. Together, we’ll unravel the most common claims concerning new home warranties and claims. Equally important, we’ll decipher the underlying reasons for these claims trends and equip you with the knowledge to steer clear of them.

This webinar will not be recorded, but presentation slides will be available after the webinar

About the Speaker

Peter Gogich, C.E.T.
Director, Claims and Field Operations

Peter Gogich, C.E.T. is an accomplished professional with over 25 years of comprehensive management and operations experience in diversified project design. With his strong background in program development and quality assurance, he has proven time and time again a successful history of managing projects. Skilled in problem resolution and leading an effective team, Peter began his journey with Alberta New Home Warranty Program Group of Companies in 2014 and is now the Director of Claims and Field Operations. The several years of practical building science application under his belt, as well as performing building investigations and assessments, has made Peter an invaluable member of the team in many facets.