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Building Excellence Series: Quality Floors from Start to Finish

A strong base is needed for approaching all aspects of building new homes – choosing and preparing wood subfloors for finish floorings is no exception.

The penultimate session of our Building Excellence Series will focus on analysis in the installation of different finish flooring materials on wood subfloors. Participants will understand the different APA wood subfloor and underlayment grades and building tolerances and the importance of considering moisture when installing these systems. Understanding these elements will assist designers and installers to properly install finish flooring systems and minimize risks associated with these systems.

This event is for ANHWP Builder Members, and their employees only. | Registration is required.

About the Speaker

Cory is an Engineered Wood Specialist for APA – The Engineered Wood Association. When he joined APA 6+ years ago, Cory brought over ten years of architectural and structural design analysis experience with a proven track record in value engineering along with him.

He has spent most of his career working in the prefabricated panel industry as a design manager and project estimator for various facilities located across Canada and has a thorough understanding of engineered wood products and systems. In his work for APA, Cory consults with and conducts workshops for builders, designers, code officials, and other building professionals on best practices for specification, selection, and application of engineered wood products.

His passion for efficiency and performance combined with over a decade of knowledge and experience has allowed him to add value to countless projects throughout his career and his services are part of the many complimentary resources available at APA.

March 15, 2023