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Purchasing a new home is a big decision and investment — before you buy, it’s important to find the right builder to work with.

Browse our directory of Builder Members to see which builders we stand behind.

Our Builder Members

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There are currently 27 Builder Members in this directory beginning with the letter B.
B & R Development Corporation Ltd.
Banic Homes Inc.
Barr Construction (1978) Ltd.
Baywest Homes GP Inc.
Bedrock Homes Limited
Beresina Homes Ltd.
Berron Builders Ltd.
Bezooyen Contracting Inc.
Big Country Construction and Building Supplies
Birkholz Homes Inc.
Blackrock Business Group Inc.
Blackstone Homes Ltd.
Bohemia Developments Inc.
Boldt Brothers Construction Limited
Bomaier Developments Ltd.
Bosch Built Homes Ltd.
Bow Developments Ltd.
Bowood Inc.
Breffni Construction Ltd.
Broadview Homes (Alberta) Ltd.
Brook Homes Ltd.
Brookfield Calgary Single Family o/a Brookfield Re
Brookfield Edmonton Multi-Family o/a Brookfield
Brookfield Edmonton Single Family o/a
Brookfield Residential (Alberta) LP / GP Carma LTD
Brost Developments Inc.
Burntwood Holdings Ltd.