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COVID-19 has accelerated the necessity for high-performance sales teams to attract and convert buyers in a truly digital environment. The Alberta New Home Warranty Program is pleased to present a one-of-a-kind webinar that will immediately level-up the knowledge, understanding, and performance of new home sales teams with a session dedicated to high-performance in the digital sales world.

Join the Professional Home Builders Institute and Shore Consulting sales expert Michelle Bendien as they deliver modern, in-demand virtual selling techniques and insights to help your home construction business succeed. Michelle’s experience spans some of the best and most successful builders in North America, and we’re pleased to bring those learnings to our Members.

Topics and insights include:

  • The Buying Formula | When do people buy and why?
  • New Virtual Tools | Get used to them!
  • Start Strong | Setting up the Experience
  • Normalizing the Experience | Are you comfortable?
  • Don’t Shortcut the Process | It’s a Marathon, not a sprint
  • How Far Can the Sale Go? | Are you taking it as far as it can go?
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Note: This is an exclusive event for Alberta New Home Warranty Group Members, PHBI delegates, and affiliates only.

About Michelle Bendien

Michelle Bendien
Michelle BendienNational Sales Trainer
With over two decades of diverse experience in the new home building industry, Michelle Bendien brings her intellect, world-class communication skills, and passion for real estate to help sales teams across the country to achieve mastery level selling skills.

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