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Join PHBI as we welcome Crestcom for the third of three webinars in the series “Managing Time For Maximum Results”

Join PHBI as we welcome back the team from Crestcom for the final installment of the three-part webinar series Leading (& Thriving) Until Freeze–Up 2022.

By the end of this session, you will:

  1. Know what the Crestcom Leadership Program is and how it can benefit you
  2. Consider a new model to focus the time and expertise of yourself and others by identifying and concentrating your efforts on your Most Valuable & Profitable (MVP) activities.

Renowned international business author Peter Drucker wrote – “Effective executives, in my observation, do not start with their tasks.  They start with their time.  And they do not start out with their planning…they start by finding out where their time actually goes.” 

When a leader becomes more aware of where their time can be “lost”, they realize where time can be “found” to focus their attention on their Most Valuable & Profitable (MVP) activities that maximize their potential and that of their team.  Join this webinar featuring Crestcom’s thought leader Mark Sanborn and learn how to identify your MVP and shift from never having “enough time” to do the really important things, to consistently managing your time to achieve maximum results personally, for your team and for your company. 

Then join in a Crestcom micro-learning led by Bob Green as he shares a practical, systematic model to guide you and your team to consider those unplanned events or “disruptions” every day that remove us from our MVP focus.  Some unplanned events are urgent and important to address…but not all need to be responded immediately and others not at all.  Learn how to consider and discern which unplanned events are urgent and important and those that are less urgent or important by applying the Disruption Squares tool offered.   Register for this webinar to be a role model for your team and learn how to manage distractions, eliminate time wasters and prioritize your MVP activities to make the most of “everyone’s limited resource”…TIME.

For all inquiries/leads received prior to the Sept 14th webinar, a FREE copy of the Crestcom Micro-Learning that will coach leaders how to “teach” their team members to identify customer moments of truth and establish strategies to create more Moments of Magic and fewer Moments of Misery.

About The Speakers

Bob Green is an experienced coach, consultant and facilitator specializing in self- leadership, leadership, and team development. With over 20 years of experience in leading and developing leaders, he quickly learned that if he wanted to improve business outcomes, he had to increase his direct reports’ engagement. He also learned that keeping his team highly engaged was no simple task. His curiosity to better understand how to do this effectively shaped his future. Bob’s success is measured in the 1000s of leaders he’s graduated who now have increased manager effectiveness, positively influenced employee engagement, and improved sales and customer loyalty for their companies. He has been certified as a coach, facilitator, holds a Certified Professional Human Resources (CPHR) designation, and has a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University.

Ken Strilchuk is the President and Owner of MTM Consulting Group and Western Canada Managing Partner for Crestcom International – a company specializing in leadership and employee development training. Crestcom International has over 200 licensees worldwide providing leadership skills training proven to solve a problem every company or organization faces…. teaching managers how to manage. For 25 years, Ken has offered leadership skill training to all levels of management in regional, national and international organizations ranging in size from 50 to thousands. And with Crestcom representatives across Canada, over 15000 people trained in 3100 companies in all industries, have chosen Crestcom leadership training to Develop Good People Into Great Leaders.

Ken and Crestcom colleagues in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan deliver over a dozen “monthly” online sessions that annually graduates over 300 managers in the 12-month Crestcom Leadership Development Series.


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